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Halfway there

We continue to feast our eyes on the vibrant colors of Donà Murano glass tesserae and celebrate: we have passed the mid point in the fabrication of the mosaic! The David medallion with its frame of vine is complete. The vine has 24k gold veins which you will not be able to see until it is installed. Remember, we are working in reverse! Only the hands remain to be done in stone. This will be executed at a later date together with the faces and hands of Christ and David the shepherd. The Christ figure looks glorious in its white and golden garments. We have four of the sheep completed, each wonderfully alive and with its own enchanting personality. The sky from the David medallion is also finished displaying a burst of sunlight and two swirling constellations. Behind Christ, the birds have come to life in bursts of color against the dark green of the trees and the rose colored sky.

Congratulations to the entire fabrication team!

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